HOCQUENGHEM, Guy; Race d'Ep! Un siècle d'images de l'Homosexualité

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From newsletter 14:

15.  SEX WORSHIP Phallic Objects, Monuments and Remains, Illustrations of the Rise and Development of the Phallic Idea (Sex Worship) and its Embodiment in Works of Nature and Art. Privately Printed, 1889. 20 x 14 cm. Original decorated boards. (10), 76 (4) p. Uncut. With a frontispice. First Edition. 4 x 4 cm piece cut out from flyleaf, but a very nice copy with somewhat browned and worn spine, and with clean pages. 

€ 30

* Curious volume about the archeology of phallic buildings in the past. At the end of the book is an advertisement for the 'Phallic Series', five books about phallic aspects of life.