FREUND, Kurt; Die Homosexualität beim Mann

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From newsletter 15:

22. WELCH, Denton Words. Broadsheet Eleven - Sixteen. Bramley, Words Press, 1975. 20 x 13 cm. First Edition. All broadsheets printed in 150 numbered copies on one side only of a sheet measuring 40 x 26 cm, folded twice to make a booklet with 4 pages of text. Fine condition.

€ 65

* Six consecutive Denton Welch Special Numbers, I-V (# 11-15) containing previously unpublished notes and journal fragments, each illustrated with one of those fascinating designs by Welch, plus (VI = # 16) Jean Louis Chevalier: The Afterword with Notes on the Manuscripts and Acknowledgements. Added: an article from 1951 in 'Readers News' (Nov. 1951) and an offprint of 'The Texas Quarterly', Autumn 1964.