EEKHOUD, Georges; Strange Love

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From newsletter 19:

6. (BESANT, Annie, & Jiddu KRISHNAMURTI). ZIEGLER, Franz Original photo of Besant and Krishnamurti sitting at a table in Eerde. Black-and-white photo with blindstamped name of the photographer: 'Ziegler Zwolle Holland'. Verso stamp: 'Copyrighted Star Publishing Trust Eerde-Ommen (Holland)' and handwritten 'Krishnamurti - A Besant'. About 1926. One corner creased, slight traces of use.

€ 50

* Besant is reading, Krishnamurti laughing. Nice spontaneous photo. Franz Ziegler (1893-1939) worked as Royal Photographer in The Hague from 1928-1939. In 1932 his photo studio and archives burnt out completely, therefore his older photos are rare.