GRACIÁN, Baltasar; Meditazioni sopra la santissima Comunione composte in Lingua Spagnuola dal padre Baldassarre Graziano della Compagnia di Gesù, e tradotta nell' idioma italiano da Francesco de Castro della medesima Compagnia

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From newsletter 20:

20. FERRIER, James Frederick Autograph Letter Signed, probably to Fichte-biographer William Smith (1845). On letter paper with an embossed mark. 18,8 x 11,5 cm. 4 p. Written in '53 Queen Street' [, Edinburgh], dated '1 Nov 1845' and signed 'J F Ferrier'. Written in brown ink. 38 lines. Two tiny parts torn off, a few notes, some in pen (possibly by Smith) and some in pencil. Folded.

€ 60

* Letter to 'Dear Sir' by the Scottish metaphysical philosopher Ferrier (1808-1864) to the author of a Fichte translation and biography he had received, probably The Nature of The Scholar and its Manifestations by William Smith (1845). Ferrier is pressed for time ('in great household confusion of late'), having to leave Edinburgh for St. Andrews (where he was appointed professor in Moral Philosophy that year), but will be examining the book and 'should a suitable occasion present itself, I should not hesitate to allude to your work, as, in my opinion, a very illustrious performance'.