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From newsletter 20:

27. HOLTMONT, Alfred Die Hosenrolle. Variationen über das Thema: Das Weib als Mann. München, Meyer & Jessen, 1925. 8vo. Original decorated cloth. 248 p. On art paper. Illustrated. First edition. Slight foxing spots, but an attractive bright yellow art deco binding. With neat inscription from 1925.

€ 35

* 'The Role of Pants. Variations on the Theme: Woman as Man' by Alfred Burgartz under his pseudonym Alfred Holtmont. An amusing, well-illustrated typical 1920's book about women in men's clothing in and out of the theatre. Many 18th and 19th century pictures, and various contemporary scenes: Agnes Straub as George Sand, Ruth Schwarzkopf, Anita Berber, Maria Orska. The stage roles of cheeky boys played by girls are often alluded to.

From newsletter 17:

17. SAND, George Short handwritten letter to a lady. Folded lettersheet of 18,8 x 26,8 cm resulting in a letter format of 8,5 x 13,4 cm. Three lines: 'Merci ma chère mignonne, à ce soir. Je vous aime (signed)'. With a trace of sealing wax.

€ 180

* Adressed in another hand to 'Hch. Arnoult'.