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From newsletter 16:

29. SCOTT MONCRIEFF, C.K. Evensong and Morwe Song. No place or publisher, 1908 (= 1923). Original wrappers with title ticket. xxxii p. Printed in 50 copies for private circulation only. Cover slightly worn.

€ 450

* Printed on mould-made paper. A story written by Charles Kenneth Scott-Moncrieff (1889-1930) when still at Winchester College and published in a school magazine. Because of the story's shocking nature (a sanctimonious headmaster receives a painful blow when he is forced to remember his obnoxious erotic behavior in his own school days) the magazine was quickly suppressed and the story published only 15 years later, when Scott Moncrieff was embarking on his translating career that was to earn him fame.