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From newsletter 16:

30. THAMES TUNNEL Commemorative of the Visit of Her Most Gracious Majesty. London, T. Brandon, 1843. Large "porcelain card" (25,5 x 20 cm) dating from 1843 with an engraving printed in copper colour. T. Brandon delineavit - Engraver, Printer, Publisher, 41 Thames Tunnel. London, 1843. With two views: the upper shows the Royal Barque before the Wapping entrance of the tunnel. The Queen and Prince-Consort are seen stepping onto the gangboard, greeted by other "Illustrious & Distinguished Personages". On the lower half of the card a schematic section of the tunnel can be seen with guards in stovepipe hats and a group of awed visitors.

€ 140

* Porcelain cards were used around the middle of the 19th century, often as business cards. They are printed on one side only on a piece of thick paper with shining coating, produced with white-lead. Because of the dangers of its production the technique was abandoned in the second half of the 19th century. The modern 'porcelain card' is entirely different. Small glue traces on back of card, otherwise in excellent condition.