(HOMER). SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe; Six hymns of Homer

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From newsletter 11:

21 SPACKE MOTOR CARS Spacke Motor Cars. A New Type of Motor Car combining Ease of Operation, Light Weight and Economy of Upkeep. (Trade folder). Indianapolis, Spacke Machine & Tool Co., [1920]. 28 x 21 cm. 4 p. Illustrated. With two perforator holes. Two horizontal folds.

€ 40

* With some extras: a second copy of the trade folder in poor condition, issued with a lower price ($ 295 instead of $ 345 for the twoseater car), two typed letters from a prospective customer in Europe and one letter from A.B. Sutton (signed in green), the sales manager of Spacke, dated March 11, 1920. Nice ensemble about a rare and forgotten American car factory.