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From newsletter 23:

68 SAGITTA (= John Henry MACKAY) Die Buecher der namenlosen Liebe. Neue Gesammt-Ausgabe. Self-published, 1924. 16,5 x 12 cm. Cloth with dust jacket and slipcase. 488 p. Fine copy complete with the often missing original green unprinted dust jacket. Inserted are two printed advertorial leaves, one ('Dies ist eine Satz-, Schrift- und Papierprobe') containing Sagitta's poem 'Gieb die Hand mir...'. Edges of slipcase and spine section of dust jacket a bit worn and discolored.

€ 140

* The revised, definitive edition of the first six of SAGITTA'S BUECHER DER NAMENLOSEN LIEBE ('Sagitta's Books of Nameless Love'). One of 2000 copies, numbered (possibly by the author himself!) both on the printed ticket of the slipcase and in the book. Contents: Vorwort (=Preface for this edition) - Die namenlose Liebe - Wer sind wir? - Fenny Skaller - Über die Stufen von Marmor - Am Rande des Lebens - Gehoer! Nur einen Augenblick! That is, a coming out prose text, two volumes of verse, a full-fledged, intensely touching gay novel, a play and a political pamphlet. The preface recounts the history of Mackay's mighty one-man's fight with homophobia. Of the book publications under Mackay's pseudonym Sagitta during his lifetime (1864-1933) this is the sixth: SAGITTA 06 (1924).

From newsletter 4:

13  MACKAY, John Henry Der Freiheitsucher. Psychologie einer Entwickelung. Berlin-Charlottenburg, self-published, 1920. Original wrappers. XII, 264 pp. One of 1000 copies, all signed and numbered by the author. With a loose leaflet of Contents. First edition. Fragile wrappers a bit creased and discolored. Corners somewhat worn.

€ 120

* Mackay's autobiography ("The Freedom Seeker") in his brilliantly succinct philsosophic style (with bouts of pathos). A bit of Mackay's Sagitta identity shines through: he describes his falling in love with a boy from his own high school. The only indication of a publisher is Mackay's home address, Berliner Straße 166.