(WHITMAN, Walt). PEAUX, J.; Mannen van beteekenis in onze dagen

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From newsletter 6:

12  MAX KRAUSE (Paper factory) Der Kreis. Monatsschrift für die Fragen des Papierfaches.  Berlin, Max Krause, 1926-1930. 38 issues. 23 x 15,5 cm. Stapled. Illustrated. Some advertising leaflets. A few issues slightly damaged. One cover missing. 

€ 150

* Attractive and rare advertising magazine of paper factory Max Krause in Berlin, edited by Willy Adam. Many fine illustrations, vignettes and ads for a.o. Bettina, Seeadler, Die Gelbe and Puck paper. The text consists of expert essays, humor and entertainment. The factory's motto was "Schreibste mir, schreibste ihr, schreibste auf MK-Papier" ('Write to me, write to her, write on MK paper').

Includes 7 duplicates from 1927 and 1928.