BEERBOHM, Max; Caricatures of Twenty-Five Gentlemen

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From newsletter 21:

26.  MAUGHAM, William Somerset Typed letter with signature to the librarian William Bennet Stevenson (Hornsey Central Library) in London. On paper printed 'Villa Mauresque,/ St. Jean Cap Ferrat,/ A.M.' 20,7 x 13,0 cm. Dated '6th February, 1964.' Maugham, who had celebrated his 90th birthday on Januari, 25, thanks Stevenson effusively for his congratulations: 'I cannot tell you how pleased and flattered I was'. 8 lines. With original sealed airport envelope, on which someone wrote with trembling hand 'Signature could be of value'). 

€ 200

* Villa Mauresque was a colossal mansion built by King Leopold II of Belgium for his own Father Confessor on the peninsula of Cap Ferrat (Alpes-Maritimes), with the added luxury of a built-in swimming pool. Somerset Maugham bought the Villa in 1928 and lived in it until his death in 1965.