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From newsletter 2:

7 KIPPS, Donovan Dolly Morton. Seuls mémoires authentiques sur la flagellation des esclaves avant la guerre de Sécession, la discipline dans la vie passionnelle des colons sudistes, et les sévices exercés contre les femmes blanches du Nord anti-esclavagistes. Traduit de l'Anglais pour la première fois par Augustin Sarcel. Illustrations de Louis Malteste. Paris, Collection des Orties Blanches, (about 1928). 23 x 15 cm. Original wrappers. (6), 248 p. On vergé paper. Uncut. Reading slant, some vague creasing and spots, but a very good copy.

€ 80

* “Dolly Morton. The only authentic memoirs about the whipping of slaves before the Civil War, about discipline in the passionate life of the Southern colonists and the cruelties to the white anti-slavery women of the North. Translated from the English for the first time by Augustin Sarcel.” A salacious flagellationist book, situated in Virginia (1866), with nice black-and-white illustrations by Louis Malteste. There have been various suggestions for the name of the author, however, none of these appear to be sure; there's even some doubt about this being a translation or the original. See Mendes 160-A.