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Newsletter 12 (February 28, 2011)

Amenities of Book-Collecting

~ varied items ~

1. Amsterdamsch Hoerdom / Putanisme d'Amsterdam Putanisme d'Amsterdam, Le. Livre contenant les tours et les ruses dont se servent les putains et les maquerelles; comme aussi leurs manières de vivre, leurs croyances erronées et, en général, toutes les choses qui sont en pratique parmi ces donzeles. Bruxelles, J.-J. Gay, 1883. 19 x 12 cm. Original wrappers. XII, 196 p. Printed in red and black on mould-made paper. Frontispice and four illustrations in photogravure. With publisher's ads on lower cover (7 titles). Backstrip damaged and 'repaired' with tape and paper, upper en lower cover worn and soiled. Some shelf numbers in color pencil (but no stamps!). Some foxing.

€ 50

* About prostitution in Amsterdam (17th century). A (rather rare) reprint of the edition of 1681 by Jules Gay, a French publisher who had fled his native country because of problems with censorship. The illustrations are reproductions of the original engravings.

2. AUTOMOBILE CLUB DE FRANCE Soirée donnée en l'honneur des membres des trois Parlements Scandinaves et du Groupe Parlementaire Français de l'Arbitrage International. 30 Novembre 1904. (Programme). Paris, Stern Graveur, (1904). 23 x 16 cm. Original illustrated stiff wrappers. 4 p. Some small foxing spots, but in very good condition.

€ 65

* With a very attractive and colorful cover illustration by Albert Robida: the three Maids of Sweden, Norway and Denmark driving a De Dion-Bouton Populaire garlanded with pink flowers from Scandinavia to the Place de la Concorde. The pochoir-colored picture is adorned with a gold medal dated '1894-1895'.

Programme in honor of a meeting of members of the parliaments of France and the three Scandinavian countries. On the roll a.o. a play by Maurice Donnay, music by Gounod, Delibes, Massenet and Svendsen and poetry by Leconte de Lisle and King Oscar II of Sweden. Nice ephemeral publication!

3. BLAKE, William Selected Poems. Amsterdam, A.A. Balkema, 1945. 19 x 11 cm. Original wrappers. 64 p. Uncut. Printed on mould made Van Gelder paper (Ossekop). Slightly browned along upper edge. Bookplate.

€ 20

* 25 poems selected by Dutch poet J.C. Bloem. High quality paper with a unobtrusive, beautiful typography by J. van Krimpen. Edition not limited, but probably about 150 copies.

4. CARPENTER, Edward My Days and Dreams. London, George Allen & Unwin, 1921. 8vo. Cloth. Later edition.

€ 16

* Autobiographical writings by Edward Carpenter. Illustrated. 344 p. Uncut. Some foxing.

5. COUPERUS, Louis Arrogance. The conquests of Xerxes. Decorations by Theodore Nadejen. Translated by Frederick H. Martens. New York, Farrar & Rinehart, 1930. Original cloth. (6), 314 p. Binding has some wear.

€ 25

* English translation of the historical novel Xerxes (1919) by the flamboyant Dutch master novelist Louis Couperus. With an attractive illustration in gold, blue, pink (HARD pink) and black and vignettes in archaic-Persian style by the Russian-born illustrator. Bright red and yellow flyleaves.

6. COWPER, William Selected poems. Amsterdam, Balkema, [1945]. Original wrappers. 48 p. Cover a bit worn at upper edge.

€ 12

* Selected by Max Schuchart (later translator of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings). Printed in a small number of copies on better paper.

7. CYDNO LA LESBIENNE Les Tendres Épigrammes de Cydno la Lesbienne. Traduites du Néo-Grec, avec une vie de la poétesse par Ibykos de Rhodes. Paris, Bibliothèque des Curieux, (1922). 15 x 9,5 cm. Original parchment paper cover. (6), 186 p. Uncut. One of 500 copies on Arches (of a total edition of 2310 copies). Cover a bit foxed.

€ 30

* Both Cydno (de Mytilène) and Ibykos are tongue-in-cheek products of the imagination. The author of these 71 prose sketches is possibly Edmond FAZY (1870-1910). First published in 1911. Pia 1301.

8. HAAN, Jacob Israël de Pathologieën. De ondergangen van Johan van Vere de With. (Met eene voorrede van Georges Eekhoud). Rotterdam, Meindert Boogaerdt jr., 1908. Original illustrated wrappers. XVI, 320 p. Portrait. First edition. Some tiny professional repairs (report added). Purple and cream cover a bit yellowed.

€ 250

* De Haan's second, decadentistic novel, even more openly homo-erotic than his first one, Pijpelijntjes, describes a sometimes sadomasochistic relation between an artist and a student. With a preface by Georges Eekhoud, translated by De Haan. The first part bears a motto by Catullus dedicated to Eekhoud, the second a motto by Olindo Guerrini to Herman Bang, and the third one by Catullus dedicated to Oscar Wilde. A legendary and delicate book with a 'satanic' portrait of the author as a frontispice and an Art Nouveau purple cover decoration of a mournful young man wounding his fingers on a rose.

9. HERRICK, Robert Two typescript letters to Saul K. Padover about Upton Sinclair, signed, dated '30 Dec. 27' and '7 January 1928'. Two folded leaves of blue green paper, typed on one side only (each). 21,5 x 14,0 cm. 15 and 9 lines. Some fingering and glue marks.

€ 50

* Letters by the ageing novelist to youthful author and historian S.K. Padover (1905-1981), who had written an article about Herrick's book Waste (1924). 'Mr. Upton Sinclair has sent me your letter to him in which you refer so warmly to my "Waste". ... 'I judge that our views about Letters by the ageing novelist to youthful author and historian S.K. Padover (1905-1981). "Money Writes" [by Sinclair, 1927] are much the same, - that the criticism of individual writers is discerning and courageous but the philosophy oversimplified.' Also about Herrick's resigning as a professor in Chicago.

10. HIRSCHFELD, Magnus Sexualität und Kriminalität. Überblick über Verbrechen geschlechtlichen Ursprungs Wien Berlin Leipzig New York, Interterritorialer Verlag 'Renaissance' (Erdtracht), 1924. Original cloth-backed boards. 104 p. With 3 p. of publisher's advertisements. First edition. Edges a bit discoloured, but a very good copy.

€ 25

* Nice binding blocked in white on dark grey boards.

11. (HOECHSTETTER, Sophie) Verbene Junkers Liebe. Ein Roman, dem Toten Oskar Wilde von einem ungenannten Autor gewidmet. München & Leipzig, Georg Müller, 1907. Original decorated cloth. 296 p. First edition. Name in pencil on title ('Helene Moritz/ 1911') and owner's address stamp on p. 5 ('Gerti Einsporn', Berlin-Adlerhof). Otherwise a fine copy.

€ 175

* Anonymous novel about lesbian love, written with a fine and sensitive pen, apparently written by prolific novelist Sophie Hoechstetter (1873-1943). At the end she put the classical plea for acceptance of homosexuality, invoking Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Winckelmann and Platen, but also 'Wilhelm der Oranier' (= King William III of Britain), Louis XVIII, Molière and Newton, before coming to Verlaine, Wilde, Plato and Sappho. A fascinating novel with a pro-homosexual tendenz. First edition in excellent condition.

12. HOMANN, Walter Tagebuch einer männlichen Braut. Die Geschichte eines Doppelwesens. Bearbeitet von Walter Homann. Berlin, D. Dreyer & Co., (about 1907). Rebound in modern cloth. 208 p. Name on title page ('Otto Rönneck'). Text pages browned.

€ 140

* Original edition of a sensational novel about a man posing as a woman.

13. KAMPF, Arthur 'Traum des Berichterstatters'. Original lithograph from Vier Zeilen. Herrenspende auf dem Berliner Presse-Ball 1928. Berlin, Verein Berliner Presse, 1928. One side pasted on fine colourful paper, like the 12 other lithographs (by different artists) in this series. 14,3 x 19,8 cm. Fine condition.

€ 25

* 'Dream of the Reporter'. A man sleeping beset by misty dreams of parties with alluring women's legs and a deep décolleté, doesn't wake from a popping champagne cork.

14. KHAYYAM, Omar Rubáiyát. Amsterdam, A.A. Balkema, 1945. 19 x 11 cm. Original marbled wrappers. (36) p. Backstrip a bit worn, otherwise fine.

€ 32

* Seventy-five quatrains of Omar Khayyam in the Fitzgerald translation, exquisitely printed by Joh. Enschedé in Haarlem on fine wove paper. Typographical design by Jan van Krimpen, including the fantastic lassoing capital A with which the first poem begins.

15. LA VAUDÈRE, Jane de Entartete Weiber ("Les demi-sexes"). Einzig autorisierte Übersetzung aus dem Französischen von Arthur S. Ebenthal. Budapest, Sachs & Pollák, 1900. Original decorated wrappers. 272 p. Uncut. Delicate paper cover somewhat worn and damaged, cheap text paper browned.

€ 25

* Rare and early German translation of 'Les Demi-Sexes'.

16. McCARTHY, Mary Typed letter signed to a gentleman in Toronto. On violet paper, recto only. 23,0 x 16,0 cm. Folded. Dated '141, rue de Rennes/ 75006 Paris/ November 9, 1982'. 5 lines.

€ 60

* About signing a picture and a card (not included), 'though it's against my principles and practice to autograph either cards or photos'.

17. MESSEL, Oliver Signed Portrait. Picture from a magazine, signed 'With Best Wishes/ Oliver Messel'. Oblong 10,3 x 13,5 cm. Pasted on a green card with instructions from the signature hunter. About 1940.

€ 50

* Nice picture showing Messel sitting on the floor between stacks of stage designs.

18. NEWTON, A. Edward The Amenities of Book-Collecting and Kindred Affections. New York, Modern Library, 1935. 12mo. Cloth. xxvi, 374 p. Later edition. Small signs of wear. Inscription on title page.

€ 15

* First published 1918, this edition has a new preface by the author dated 1935.

19. REIMANN, Hans als: Artur SÜNDER Die Dinte wider das Blut. Eine Zeitroman. 39. wildgewordene und vermasselte Ausgabe. 640.-683. Tausend. (= 1.-5. thousand). Hannover/ Leipzig, Paul Steegemann, (1921). Die Silbergäule 132-134. Original stiff wrappers. 48 p. First edition. A bit soiled, bookplate (Leo Polak), name on p. 1 (Hugo Simons). Dent in first pages.

€ 22

* Humorous parody on the Blut-und-Boden-novel Die Sünde wider das Blut by Artur Dinter. Leo Polak (1880-1941) was professor of philosophy in Groningen.

20. ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel Selected Poems. Amsterdam, A.A. Balkema, 1944. 17 x 12 cm. Original marbled wrappers. (4), 68 p. Printed in 200 copies on Haesbeek Imperium. Unopened. Backstrip slightly discoloured.

€ 16

* Selected by minor poet H.J. Scheepmaker. Typography J. van Krimpen. Lovely little book, clandestinely published during the Nazi oppression of the Netherlands. De Jong 716. Simoni R29.

21. ROSTAND, Maurice La vie amoureuse de Casanova. Paris, Flammarion, 1924. 18 x 15 cm. Original wrappers. (4), 188 p. One of 100 numbered copies on "papier de Hollande". Uncut. "Avec la barbe"/ "À toutes marges" = with extremely protruding deckle edges. First edition. Edges a bit soiled, with a few foxing spots.

€ 20

* A nice, typical French deluxe book.

22. ROWOHLT Neue Bücher. Rowohlt Verlag Berlin W 50. 1932. (Verlagsprospekt). Berlin, Rowohlt Verlag, [1931]. Originalumschlag. 20 S. Erstausgabe. In sehr guten Zustand.

€ 22

* Wichtiger Katalog mit ausreissbare Seiten (durchstochen an der Innenseite) aber natürlich komplett. Mit Werbung für Kleiner Mann was nun?, Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften, für Bücher von Ernst von Salomon, Ernest Hemingway, Annette Kolb, Else Lasker-Schüler, René Schickele und anderen. Der Katalog ist schöner als die Abbildung zeigt.

23. XXX (= Michael Nelson) Les Particuliers (= A Room in Chelsea Square) Paris, René Julliard, 1959. Original wrappers. 240 p. First edition. Little brown stain on front cover, otherwise fine.

€ 15

* First French translation of A Room in Chelsea Square, published anonymously in 1958. Review copy ("S.P." = 'Service de Presse').


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