EEKHOUD, Georges; L'Imposteur Magnanime

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From newsletter 5:

2  CALDWELL, Erskine Original press photo showing Erskine Caldwell and actor Henry Hull. Original photo with stamp ('OCT 24 1935') and a captioned ticket pasted on verso. 21,7 x 16,7 cm. Creased. Glue mark from a ticket partly on front margin.  

€ 20

* 'Chicago, Ill. - Henry Hull - who has the principal role in "Tobacco Road", which was closed by Mayor Edw. J. Kelly, of Chicago, who termed it obscene and sordid, is pictured with the author, Erskine Caldwell. It is expected that a legal battle will be waged to defend the play.' A strange picture: on stage, a cheerful grinning Hull, with the outfit of a dirty farmer, scoops water from an old wooden bucket and hands it to Caldwell who is well-dressed, smoking a cigarette, and broadly smiling to the camera.