COMENIUS, Jan Amos, as: John Amos KOMENSKY; The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart

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From newsletter 23:

16 (BUCKLAND WRIGHT, John). VAUDOYER, Jean-Louis Donne-moi ton coeur... Frontispice gravé par J. Buckland Wright. Maestricht, A.A.M. Stols, 1931. Original decorated wrappers. 148 p. Unopened. Printed in red and black in 441 copies. This is one of 400 on vélin anglais (Nr. 4). Copper-engraved frontispice by John Buckland Wright, loosely inserted. First edition. Fine, bright copy.

€ 65

* Charming French deluxe book with copper engraving of a graceful seminude woman in a bedroom. Series 'Les Belles Heures' Nr. 8. Van Dijk 261. Reid A4c.


From newsletter 20:

15. DONNE, John The Expostulation. Assen, Hein Elferink, 1991. 8vo. Orig. wrappers.

Free with an order

* New Year's gift for 1992, published in a small number of copies (50 or 100). 4 p. folded in 6 p. paper cover. Fine typography.

From newsletter 3:

2.  DONNE, John A Valediction Forbidding Mourning. Written by John Donne to his Wife upon his departing for France in 1611. Staplehurst, Kent, The Florin Press, 1981. Original wrappers with flaps. 8 p. Unopened. Printed in ochre and black in 175 copies, all numbered and signed by the printer/engraver. This is one of 150 copies on Unbleached Arnold and sewn into a wrapper of Fabriano Ingres. With a wood engraving (encompassing the initial word 'As') by Graham Williams, 'who also printed this keepsake'. 

€ 25

* Fine book production. This happens to be nr. 100.