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From newsletter 5:

5  HAPPY SECRETARIES OF YORE. Classification System Publicity Collection of 4 English and 6 French (Belgian) illustrated publicity leaflets and trade catalogs. About 1910-1925. A.o.: Y and E Dental Record Systems (12 p., cover torn in two), Y and E Shannon System of Filing (4 p.), a Roneo Leaflet for Steel Cabinets and one for Steel Pigeon Hole Cupboards, Soennecken Livres de Comptes "Perpétuels" (16 p.), and other folders of Kardex, Maison Damman & Washer, Organos (Paris) and Longini. Some wear. Only separate publications, no magazine pages. With depictions of the filing systems, counting books and cupboards, and of happy secretaries using them. 

€ 25

* Happy Secretaries of Yore - their Tools. Part One.