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From newsletter 22:

28. SCHWEITZER, Albert Seventeen Autograph Letters Signed to Maria Lagendijk. 29 leaves recto. 1938-1962.

€ 4500

* Important collection of extensive, fatherly letters by the philosopher, physician, missionary and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) to Maria Jacoba Lagendijk (1907-1990), his steadfast and loyal nurse from 1938 until Schweitzer's death. Some letters were written from Schweitzer's hospital in Lambaréné, others are travel letters from abroad. Schweitzer informs his nurse about the daily affairs in the 'Spital' and difficulties with the hospital's staff when she is in Holland visiting her parents in Oudewater. He writes her about his illness, his busy schedule, his encounters with admirers. Schweitzer is concerned about Lagendijk's boat trip and her visa. Several times he congratulates her with her birthday, and when her father dies he sends his warm condolences. 'Diese Zeilen sollen dir einen herzlichen Gruss von uns allen bei der Landung überbringen' (4.11.1938) [...] 'Und du weisst, dass ich dich von Herzen lieb habe. Du gehörst zu meinem Spital. Ich zähle auf dich' (2.10.1951).