MANUSCRIPT MEMENTO; Handwritten souvenir on vellum of M

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From newsletter 21:

3.  BARBARBER. TIJDSCHRIFT VOOR TEKSTEN. Complete run. Nrs. 1-87(-90). Amsterdam, 1958-1971(-1990). Original wrappers. Nrs. 1-35 stenciled, nrs. 36-87 offset (as published). Nrs. 9 and 14 in photocopy. 

€ 1850

* Rare set of this Dutch avant-garde periodical, with contributions by a.o. J. Bernlef, G. Brands, C. Buddingh', Remco Campert, Chris van Geel, Jan Hanlo, K. Schippers and Leo Vroman. Included: no. 75 (1969, Jan Hanlo record), no. 88 (1989, printed by hand in 75 copies), and no. 89 (1990, a full bottle of wine (!), numbered and signed by the editors). Added: Barbarber (1968), three texts by Bernlef, Brands and Schippers, hand printed in 50 numbered and signed copies; Barbarber 47b (1976); some invitations, prospectuses and newspaper clippings. Complete sets of this one-of-a-kind periodical are very hard to find!