ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel; Hand and Soul

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From newsletter 23:

21 (BUCKLAND-WRIGHT, John). CABELL, James Branch Jurgen. A Comedy of Justice. With wood-engravings by John Buckland Wright. London, Golden Cockerel, (1949). Morocco-backed gilt boards (Sangorski & Sutcliffe). (2), 354 p. Top gilt. Uncut. Printed in 500 numbered copies. Leather partly a bit discolored.

€ 125

* Voluminous bibliophile edition printed on fine handmade paper. With elegant, large wood engravings by Buckland Wright. Reid A52b.

From newsletter 21:

6.  CABELL, James Branch Jurgen. Een historie van Gerechtigheid. Vertaling van J.A. Sandfort. Laren, A.G. Schoonderbeek, [1928]. Cloth with dust jacket. 292 p. First edition. DJ only slightly worn at the spine area, with dated price ticket (1929). Some foxing. 

€ 35

* The only translation into Dutch of this curious fantasy novel, first published in 1919. Jacket with a long text: an extensive, high-and-mighty tongue-in-cheek description. Fine binding design by Johan Briedé: a frog on the Holy Cross. The printer's mark, a busy dung beetle (!) was designed by Briedé, too. Exact translation of the title: "Jurgen. A History of Justice. Translation by J.A. Sandfort". Very rare!