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From newsletter 21:

7.  (CARRINGTON) - An English Bohemian The Book of Exposition. (Kitab al-Izah fi'Ilm al-Nikah b-it-Tanam w-al-Kamal). Literally Translated from the Arabic by an English Bohemian with Translator's Foreword, Numerous Important Notes illustrating the Text, and several interesting appendices.

  Paris, London and New York, Maison d'Editions Scientifiques, 1900. 20 x 14 cm. Unprinted wrappers. LX, 240 p. Uncut. Printed in red and black on India paper. With 2 pages of publisher's ads at the beginning and 2 at the end. Wrappers worn at the edges.

€ 200

* Erotic oriental tales. 'Exposition' here means 'denuding'. Printed on very thin and supple India paper. An earlier edition had been issued by Charles Carrington in 1896. There appears to be another variant in a larger format on Dutch paper (see Guacamole 24). An unusual and very rare eroticum!